Born Samantha Ashlee Bennardo on December 1, 1986, Sicily endured a conflicting child hood, living in Brooklyn, New York and Tampa, Florida.

From the age of 7 she was repeatedly tormented & ridiculed by her peers which caused her to seek an outlet to express her pain. Hip –Hop became not only a genre of music but also an adventure. Her ability as a Hip-hop artist seems to reflect her personal life, innovative and always trying new things. She is a rapper, singer, and songwriter but also a graphic designer, and a unique innovative producer. She went on to win Rapzilla’s first annual Beat Battle in 2011.

In 2013 Sicily became a Guinness Book of world Record’s holder alongside KJ-52 for longest team freestyle going for twelve hours and two minutes. In 2014, Sicily opened Run With Zeal Records LLC with Co-Owner Jonathan Long and in 2015 would go on to drop the first album under RWZ Records entitled “Problems”.

“Sicily never stops working and always has something up her sleeve making her interesting to work with” says Jonathan. Following the release of her new album she took on the role of producing Jonathan’s entire EP entitled “Crowded.”

“Music has become more than just an artistic outlet but also a platform to share my faith and my outlook on the world around me”. – Sicily

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Sicily – Problems

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